As of 21.3, the Workflow Designer UI supports the following options:


Users can use undo with “Ctrl-z” and redo with “Ctrl-y”.


The copy-paste functionality comes with the following boundary conditions:

  • Users can select one or more tasks to be copied and pasted.

  • Copy-paste is only possible inside of a Workflow Designer’s window. It is not possible to paste to another window than copied from.

  • The id of pasted tasks differ from the original ones.

  • Any customized information (e.g. service task's name and version) are available in pasted tasks.

  • Workflow parameters and any automatic generation of input/output (e.g. sub process) are automatically updated after paste.

  • Undo and redo is supported (e.g. undo will undo the paste, and anything that's generated by paste).