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Core Components [GL ARC]

An Enterprise MAM solution requires several components which are not directly related to a product’s specific functionality but are necessary for properly running, monitoring, and maintaining a system.

The most important aspects are:

  • Kubernetes ingress controllers for making the system’s functionality accessible.

  • Components for load balancing and ensuring redundancy - see Load Balancing and MetalLB [GL ARC] for more details.

  • Elasticsearch, Kibana, and fluentd for system-wide logging and log analysis.

Other components have a cross-cutting nature and are required for multiple products within the solution:

  • VidiCore, VSA, and ActiveMQ as core components for managing assets and their metadata.

  • Authentication Service [GL ARC] as central point of authorisation and authentication for all Enterprise MAM products.

  • ConfigPortal as central point of configuration for all Enterprise MAM products.

The following diagrams shows how these components are deployed to a Kubernetes cluster and which communication paths exists between them.

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