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Functional Use Case Watchfolder (Vidispine) [GL OG]

Watchfolders are folders which are monitored by VidiFlow's, or equivalent's, backend. These are typically used to ingesting media files and metadata.

Watchfolder Considerations

When adding or editing an Ingest Watchfolder Concrete Use Case, users should consider the following aspects:

  • What type of elements should be defined for the Concrete Use Case. These may include the source storage, access and workflow.
  • When specifying a storage, consider media and metadata sources (if applicable).
  • Specify any workflows that should coupled with the storage upon ingest.
  • Specifying whether the Watchfolder should be set to active. Activating a Concrete Use Case can be done at a later point in time.

The image above, depicts a new Watchfolder Use Case in which the "Metadata" option has been toggled. Source options between the "Media" and "Metadata" can be viewed, entered and edited by clicking on the respective tab.

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