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Information On The Original File [GL IG]


Depending on the specific use-case, it may be required to obtain information on file which was initially imported to a VidiCore item: file name, file location, and ingest time.

Original File Names

VidiCore keeps track of the original filename of each file. This is the name of the file at the time of import. For a watch folder the original filename is the name of the file as it was detected by VidiCore.

The original filename is stored in the metadata field originalFilename on item level. This metadata field includes the file extension but not any subfolders the file may be in.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ItemDocument id="VX-34" xmlns="">
        <timespan start="-INF" end="+INF">
            <field uuid="0dfa12a7-1c5c-4d62-b099-03411b4985cb" user="system" timestamp="2018-02-06T14:03:55.746+01:00" change="VX-130">
                <value uuid="423cb1d8-5daa-4b93-b026-a8e4a51a5fe4" user="system" timestamp="2018-02-06T14:03:55.746+01:00" change="VX-130">VX-338</value>

Original Ingest Time

To determine when an item was created (e.g. for finding the appropriate item for a side-car file) the created metadata field should be used : 

            <field uuid="57205b8e-0289-42c7-a2f6-a98e2ad01e23" user="system" timestamp="2018-02-06T14:03:55.200+01:00" change="VX-127">
                <value uuid="4a781323-4fb5-4ec6-932e-cd72f5418151" user="system" timestamp="2018-02-06T14:03:55.200+01:00" change="VX-127">2018-02-06T13:03:55.016Z</value>

Do not use the timestamp attribute on the originalFilename metadata field as this denotes when the field has been changed – not when the item was created.

Original Ingest Storage

The original storage it not readily available in VidiCore. There is a transient metadatum __storage_original but this denotes the storages on which the original shapes are stored. As long as the file wasn’t copied or moved since ingest this would serve the purpose – but it wouldn’t be robust at all.

To solve this problem, a VidiFlow ingest workflow should save the storage of the initial import in a pre-defined metadata field on item level.

The pre-defined metadata field V3_OriginalStorage shall contain the ID of the VidiCore storage (e.g. STORAGE-VX-13) from which the original file for an item was imported.

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