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Logging VidiFlow [GL OG]

VidiFlow users are able to view the log files for events occurring in VidiFlow as well as the opportunity to view log files for events and communication between VidiFlow and other components.

VidiFlow Logs Monitor

In the event that VidiFlow is the chosen MAM system, VidiFlow’s dedicated Logs Monitor allows users to access suite-wide logs and filter for relevant information.

Logging information pertaining to a workflow execution is assigned a unique “UUID”, the so-called “correlation ID”. With it, users are able to retrieve log information easily. It is recommended to start from the Workflow Monitor. In the detail view of a workflow, a link to relevant logs is provided, which opens the Logs Monitor with the correlation ID preselected as a filter criteria.

A detailed explanation on how use Kibana in a VidiFlow context is covered in the VidiFlow User Guide under the Log Monitor section.

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