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Filtering Groups [C OG]

ConfigPortal offers additional filters for the syncing of the AD via LDAP in ConfigPortal. This can be particularly beneficial when handling big AD directories.

The following additional configuration fields have been added to provide a more flexible approach to syncing users and groups to the Authentication Service and VidiCore:

  • User Name Attribute
    • The attribute contains the username/login name. It must identify a unique user.
    • This field is optional and the default value is 'sAMAccountName'.

  • Group Search Base
    • The group search base for user groups.
    • Only groups that are accessible with the GroupSearchBase will be synced to the AuthenticationService and VidiCore.
    • This field is optional and the default value is the same as User Search Base.

  • Group Search Filter
    • The group search filter.
    • This field is optional and the default value is '(objectClass=group)'.

  • Batch Size
    • LDAP search size limit. The number of search results returned per batch.
    • This value needs to be equal or lower than the search size limit configured in LDAP server.
    • For an LDAP server that does not support pagination feature, ensure this value is set to '0'.
    • The default value is 1000.

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