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Mapped Group [C OG]

Under the Mapped Group Page, users are able to take all of the AD groups synchronized via the LDAP synch in the Rights Management Page, and map these to VidiFlow.

This Page provides system administrators with a flexible means with which to map and label groups so that these can then be used in different functional areas. An example of this can be seen in the Restricting Workflows to Groups section. In order to map a new group, clicking the "+" option below the table will open the "Add a Mapped Group" window.

For every mapped group a technical name must be entered which cannot be modified once the group is created. Labels on the other hand can be changed and are used to identify groups in ConfigPortal. The Active Directory Groups field offers a dropdown containing all the AD groups which can be mapped.

Once the mapped group is created it will be available in the overview table.

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