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Message Bus [C ARC]

Bus Types

VidiFlow uses RabbitMQ as AMQP-based message bus whereas VidiCore uses ActiveMQ. Thus, a VidiFlow installation always comes with two bus systems.

Please note that this is be subject to change in a later release.


VidiCore uses the message bus for updating the search index (and more). Please refer to VidiCore product documentation for more details.


The RabbitMQ message bus system is used in VidiFlow for these aspects:

  • VidiFlow Agents [C ARC].

  • ConfigPortal notifications for configuration changes are sent to VidiFlow agents and services via the messages bus.

  • A Java plugin in VidiCore sends VidiCore notifications via the message bus to VidiFlow components (e.g. change notifications for MediaPortal connector, lock notifications for housekeeping service).

  • A Java plugin in Camunda sends workflow status messages via the message bus to the VidiFlow WorkflowIndex service.

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