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ConfigPortal Release Notes [C OG]

Release 22.4.4

Synchronization of storages from VidiCore to ConfigPortal

ConfigPortal supports now the synchronisation of storages from VidiCore. Per default, all imported storages are read-only in ConfigPortal.

Each storage can be made editable in CP manually, afterwards CP is the master for this storage and write the storage settings to VidiCore, but does not read it again.

Credentials can not be imported from VidiFlow

A re-sync of all storage data between CP and VC manually.

Allow setting of SNS topics for S3 storages

CP now supports to optionally set SNS topic names for S3 storages. This is environment-dependent.

Keep list settings when opening an entry

After applying some filters on any list in CP and editing a list value afterward, the filters were lost in previous versions. This is changed now, so the filter position is kept after editing any entry.

Shape tag Improvement in Staging Overview Page

The names of shape tags will now be shown in the staging overview. Additionally a new button was added to redirect to the Global Configuration page for Shape tags.

Toolkit for environment-dependent URL

A new toolkit was implemented to support environment-dependent URL in use case pages.

VidiNet specific changes

The following changes are currently only relevant in the context of VidiNet SaaS.

Trigger sync of metadata, storage and shape tags after deployment

The sync from VidiCore to CP will now be executed automatically after the deployment of CP. Additionally this can also be triggered via CP API.

Usage of VidiCore admin user after deployment

After the deployment of CP to VidiNet, the VidiCore admin user can be used for log in to CP. Additionally all VidiCore users will be synched to Auth Service automatically

Manual user synchronization

It is now supported to trigger a manual synchronisation between AuthService and VidiCore from CP UI.


Item #



CP: Failed to update MediaPortal Role with error duplicate id


CP: FileUpload toolkit stays in loading mode when no file uploaded


CP: ConfigPortal does not allow storage configuration of inactive environments without VidiCore-connection


CP: Imported storages show error when scanInterval is not defined in VidiCore


CP: Rename tooltip in workflow overview


CP: Unable to resolve UseCaseDefinition with VS_Storage toolkit with null value


CP: Update AS RoleId variable type to string instead of guid

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