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QC reports and other attachment-like documents are stored as separate items in VidiCore. They should not be stored as shapes on the original item as all shapes on an item should represent the same video / document etc.

The attachment item are marked as hidden (via metadata field V3_Hidden) to hide them in MediaPortal and other UIs. They are connected to the actual item via a directed item-to-item relation with type=attachment. Further types may be defined for specific use-cases which must be documented on Types Of Item-To-Item Relations.

However, if you want to attach something to an item that is not a video but fully resembles the video (e.g. a zip file containing the whole timeline from which the original shape was rendered) then you can attach this as an additional shape to the item. The VidiCore API call looks like this:

POST /API/item/<itemId>/shape/raw?tag=source_timeline

Content-Type: application/zip

The body contains the binary file to attach – the shape tag passed in the tag parameter can be chosen as needed but has to be defined.

This will result in an additional shape with a binary component. When starting VidiCore transcode jobs on such items VidiCore will always use the original shape as source shape. Conflicts with the source_timeline shape are not to be expected.

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