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Collection Types

There are different aspects in an on-prem/hybrid/BYOC MAM Solution which are be modelled by VidiCore collections. Examples are MediaPortal collections (so-called bins) or project collections and project version collections used by VidiEditor.

To distinguish between different collection types we need to be able to set a MAM-related collection type on the VidiCore collection. The best mechanism to do this is a enum field definition in VidiCore.

Please note that the values listed below are technical names stored in VidiCore. If different names need to be displayed in user interface (e.g. MediaPortal) please make display names for these values configurable in the UI. DO NOT add further values with existing meanings just to get different names displayed in the UI.

The metadata field V3_CollectionType can have one of these values:




A collection containing multiple items (or other collections) with in and out marks. See MediaPortal Bins . The collection is persisted and visible to the user.


Same as above, but not visible to the user. Temporary bins are used in Workflows that operate on multiple assets.


A VidiEditor project collection


A VidiEditor project version collection


An EditMate project collection


An EditMate project version collection


A multi-cam video – see Multi-Cam Video Assets .


A container as described in Asset Placeholders & Metadata Containers.


MediaPortal Workspace collections as described in MediaPortal Workspaces.


Semantically identical with MetadataContainer, but only used in specific contexts. Prefer MetadataContainer over Production.


Used in VidiControl to apply the same recording-specific fields (see Recording Placeholder) to multiple items. Use only for technical metadata and put descriptive metadata into a MetadataContainer (Production) collection.

By convention the key and the value are identical for V3_CollectionType.

Project and project version collections as used by EditMate can already be distinguished from all other collection types on VidiCore level. But for the sake of consistency it still makes sense to set the V3_CollectionType field on them, too.

Collections as well as items can be marked as hidden via the V3_Hidden field as described in UC Hide Assets From User Interfaces .

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