The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.


Release 23.1.38

.NET 6

ConfigPortal 23.1 is based on .NET 6 (Microsofts latest LTS version of NET)

Staging improvements

Check VidiCore connection before finalization of staging

In the staging process, several settings will be provided to the VidiCore instance of the target stage immediately. Before the finalization of the staging is executed, ConfigPortal now checks the connection to VidiCore and provides error information if the connection is not available.

Refresh of product menu before and after staging

Before and after staging the product menu on the left-hand side of ConfigPortal is refreshed to always show the correct products.

Improved staging performance

The performance of the staging process can be improved if several GIT operations or processed on the GIT repo of the source environment. A script was created to perform these operations in a single step.

Export of staging overview

The staging overview can be exported to a JSON file. For analysis, this file may be imported to Microsoft Excel (Get Data / From File / From JSON).

Adapted storage configuration

Google cloud storage configuration

Storages can now be configured to access via Google Cloud Storage. The required Private Key Files can be uploaded from ConfigPortal to VidiCore.

Parameter “showImportables”

The parameter “showImportables” can now be configured for storages in ConfigPortal.

Reindexing option for metadata changes

When editing metadata and changing the value “indexed” to true or false, ConfigPortal allows triggering a re-index operation in VidiCore for both cases.

Products VidiControl and Origin

The product VidiControl is now avalaible in CP. The deprecated product Origin got a new icon for better differentiation.

Support HTML license file upload

License files to be uploaded to ConfigPortal can now also be in HTML format (previously only PDF files were supported.

If products prefer to host the license file by themselves, alternatively a link can be passed to ConfigPortal.

Deprecated API calls

The following API call was marked as deprecated and will be removed in future versions:

PUT /v2/Products

Consumers should adapt their code to use the following instead:

PUT /v2/Products/{guid}


Item #



CP: Postintallation failed on add new RoleRightMapping


CP: ActiveDirectoryMapper migration API failed issues


CP: RoleRightAssignment failed with null reference exception


CP: Delete UseCaseDefinition related system endpoint should check on the EndpointType


CP: MultiWorkflow toolkit layout is misaligned


CP: Post Installation job failed with invalid client when InstallerClient does not use the default secret


CP: Adding Group to Metadata Masked Control toolkit disappeared when edit the usecase


CP: Staging Loading Disappears Before the Finalize Process is Completed


CP: Failed to set empty region from S3 storage


CP: Failed to update product component license


CP: Unable to edit or delete enum metadata from UI and API


CP: Failed to add metadata enum with 404 error


CP: Fresh installation with mounted shared directory failed to initiate repo with not empty error


CP: Failed to setup postgres db from fresh installation


CP: Failed to add vidicore endpoint from postinstallation


CP: fails to delete single workflow version


CP: Error on sync metadata and shapetag from postinstallation job