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ConfigPortal Release Notes

The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.

Release 24.1.39

Breaking Changes

Entra ID -

For the user synchronisation with Microsoft Entra ID (aka Azure AD), the filter options for the synched groups have been extended in the AuthService. The usage of the OData format allows a very detailled decision for the correct groups to be sync. To allow this, the format of the configuration needed to be changed.

When updating a system from a previous version to 24.1 with previously configured group filters for Azure AD, these filters have to be adapted manually in the configuration after the deployment of the new version. For more information, please see the Entra ID User Federation Group Filter Update Guide.

Dependencies and Component Updates

The following central components will be shipped in the noted version, along with relevant product and service dependencies:





Debian Image


Microsoft .NET UPDATED


System Endpoint configuration

The Global Configuration page for System Endpoints now allows you to create, edit, or delete entries. Previously, the entries could only be edited via different toolkits.

A new attribute for tags is introduced for each system endpoint. The predefined values “internal” or “external” can be selected to allow the differentiation between Kubernetes cluster internal or external URLs. User-defined tags can be created.

Regarding toolkit changes see also ConfigPortal Release Notes | New-toolkit:-Dropdown_SystemEndpoint.

Read Enum Values from VidiCore for read-only metadata

In previous versions, it was not possible to read enum metadata values from VidiCore for read-only metadata. This is now supported.

Improved editing of enum metadata values

When creating a new enum value, the user has now the option to enter also the key manually, instead of letting CP creating it automatically. The key of existing values is shown in CP, but not editable.

More configuration options for libraries

The following aspects of libraries can now be defined in CP:

  • updateMode

  • autoRefresh

  • updateFrequency

New storage method protocols

VSA (VidiCore Server Agent)

ConfigPortal now supports configuring VSA storages. The VSA (VidiCore Server Agent) gets this configuration from VidiCore and applies the settings to access the corresponding folder.

Proxy Streaming External

It is also supported to configure the method type “Proxy Streaming External” to configure external access to the streaming server.

Staging: Merging comparison resolves nested JSON objects

In the comparison view for staging, nested JSON objects are now resolved, so that users can easily see which attributes in the JSON are different.






CP: Metadata Selection filter for UC view builder ignores filtering on paging or 2nd filter


CP: MediaPortal_Metadata_Advance_Mapper segment list no metadata show on modify


CP: Unable to show GUID in dropdown_usecase toolkit overview page


CP: Dropdown_SystemEndpoint cache value not reset when system endpoint changed


CP: SystemEndpoint no EndpointType caused error on next POST


CP: Race Condition for PV and PVC when deploying AS


CP: Open Global Metadata Config for the Workflow Monitor does not work


CP: Stage Metadata with empty prefix with name containing underscore (_) caused prefix to get overwritten


CP: After Staging initial config from another System some metadata fields are missing V3 prefix and got another prefix


CP: Export Locations: Empty script should be omitted


CP: Duplicate entries after saving configuration


CP: Unable to find selfhost dll


CP: MetadataGroup without VsName not synced to VidiCore after staging


CP: Workflow Toolkit Version not show in overview


CP: Azure user unable to logout from CP


CP: ConfigPortal version shown twice in the info page


CP: Custom icons clone config - file upload overwrite fileUploadContent vs create new file(Content)

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