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Global Configuration Metadata Conversion

Metadata conversions (also called projections) can be added under ConfigPortal's Global Configuration Page, "Metadata Conversion". Here you can add several metadata conversions by defining a name and a XSL transformation.
Metadata projections can be used to apply an XSL transformation to metadata. If one were to retrieve metadata from an item, projection can be used to retrieve just some part of all the available metadata fields and groups. By default, there is already a conversion called "pf_metadataExport".

The conversions can be used by some tasks which handle metadata. Currently, the following tasks provide an optional input parameter for specifying a metadata conversion (projection):

  • Get Object Metadata
  • Export Item

If a conversion is provided which is configured in ConfigPortal, this will be applied to the metadata. For example, the default projection "pf_metadataExport" will export all of item's non-technical (Vidispine system metadata). As a result this exported metadata can be applied to another item (for example by using the "Update Metadata" task).
Please note that should the XML also contain system metadata, this cannot be set on the other item. Overwriting this data is not allowed.

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