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Global Configuration System Endpoints

Select the desired Product Config Module. Within the Configuration Bar, choose the "GLOBAL CONFIGURATION" option. The Configuration Bar will expand offering the "SYSTEM ENDPOINTS" option.

This Global Configuration Page is where users are able to view a list of all entered system endpoints in any of ConfigPortal's Use Case Pages.

System Endpoint List

The System Endpoint List contains a series of columns expressing metadata, as well as the possibility of prompting a usage list.

  • [Guid]: provides a unique identifier for the system endpoint and is shared across any Use Case Page the endpoint is set.
  • [Type]: the entry for type indicates the nature of the system endpoint and its function. This entry is predefined by the endpoint itself and is not able to be edited.
  • [Name]: is the technical name specified for the endpoint.
  • [Label]: is the display name specified for the endpoint.
  • [Url]: the endpoints actual URL. Users using endpoints are expected to have knowledge any necessary credentials required for the respective endpoint. These credentials are not listed in the System Endpoints Global Configuration Page.
  • [Status]: a checked box indicates if the endpoint is currently being used in at least one "Active" Use Case Page.
  • [Actions]: the "Usage" button allows users to prompt a list of all the Use Case Pages the system endpoint is currently included in, regardless of whether the Page is active.

Linked Use Cases

Clicking on the "Usage" button will prompt a Linked Use Cases window in which a list of the Use Case Pages the system endpoint is currently being used in is offered.

In the example above, a single Use Case Page was returned with a hyperlinked path to the Page. Clicking on the link will redirect users to the Page.

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