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Images, Documents, etc.

Images, documents, and further files which are not audio or video assets can be stored in VidiCore as regular items.

In an on-prem/hybrid/BYOC MAM Solution such assets have a poster frame as proxy.

In other contexts (e.g. EditMate on VidiNet) a poster frame is not mandatory. The UI may use any suitable shape for displaying the asset in the browser.

Images and documents should have a thumbnail image that can be used in frontend for displaying  these assets together with videos in a consistent manner.

Comparing It To Worker-Based VPMS

In worker-based VPMS images & documents used a different data model (MultiMediaObjects) than audio and video assets (SJobs). This distinction lead to quite a lot of problems in work-based VPMS. Thus, VidiCore does not make this distinction. All assets are an item, regardless of having a temporal extent or not.

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