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Multi Instance and Sub-Workflow

VidiFlow provides an approach to handling lists of input parameters in a workflow by supporting:

  • Workflow parameter type JSON

  • Support of multi instance tasks

  • Support of multi instance sub-workflows

The usage of object lists and multi instance tasks and sub-workflows is explained in greater detail in the Step-by-Step: Multi Instance and Sub-Workflows section.

Multi Instance Tasks

In addition to the standard types, the JSON type has been introduced and with it, the possibility of use any type of JSON. It can be used to provide objects and object lists as input parameters for workflows. 

Please note that this is particularly important when providing MediaPortal collections as input for Send to workflows. This allows the workflow to work on multiple assets included in the collection. To provide a JSON input parameter, one can use a task in the workflow which has an JSON input parameter and assign a Workflow input parameter to it.


Sub-workflows (also called sub processes) can be incorporated into workflows. Within a sub-workflow you can create another workflow with own start and end events. Also, sub-workflows can be set to Multi Instance, meaning that the task can iterate on a list of input parameters. Workflows can call upon external workflows to act as sub-workflows. 

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