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Multi Instance Sub-Workflows

The previous section illustrated the usage of multi instance tasks. For many use cases one will have to iterate through several subsequent tasks for each item in the list.
An example of being one, is wanting to create a MediaPortal collection with several videos. Each video might have specified in- and out-points. One might want to start a workflow that checks for each video if it is "online"/available in archive. If it is in archive, one will want to restore it. If there are in- and out-points they will then be partially restored.
For this scenario, one can use sub-workflows inside the "root" workflow that can also be used as multi-instance to iterate through lists.
In order to better illustrate its usage, the following example is provided.

In the example above we initiate a sub-workflow which will be iterated on a MediaPortal collection.
The first task in that workflow adds each item to the collection like in following example. There are also some follow-up tasks which add some additional actions on each item. In this very simple example each item will get the collection Id set to a metadata "V3_InCollection".
The sub-workflow is set to "Parallel Multi Instance". As "Collection" and "Element Variable" we use the same as in previous example.

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