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Recording Placeholder

If an on-prem/hybrid/BYOC MAM Solution connects to video servers for recording assets or some other type of scheduled asset ingest, it often is necessary to create recording placeholders. Recording placeholder store information on a recording which is going to happen at a later time - but no assets, yet.

To ensure a consistent behaviour of all applications in an on-prem/hybrid/BYOC MAM Solution, the following metadata fields are pre-defined:

Metadata Field

Allow Values / Type



datetime as ISO-8601 timestamp

planned start of recording


datetime as ISO-8601 timestamp

planned end of recording


VidiCore dataset enum (string-exact) that contains all router crosspoint sources (key=technical ID in VidiControl, value=display name)

crosspoint source used for the recording


VidiCore dataset enum (string-exact) for possible crosspoint destinations

crosspoint destination used for the recording

V3_RecordingGroup (deprecated)

VidiCore dataset enum (string-exact) that contains group definitions for router sources and destinations (key=technical ID in VidiControl, value=display name)




name of the recording pool (string-exact)

VidiControl recorder pool to use for this recording


VidiCore enum (string-exact) with possible recording states:

  • CREATED: placeholder has been created in VidiCore

  • PLANNED: placeholder has been synchronized to VidiControl

  • PROCESSING: VidiControl has started to record for this placeholder

  • DONE: VidiControl has finished successfully

  • FAILED: Failure during processing by VidiControl

existence of V3_RecordingState marks an item as Recording Placeholder



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