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Identity Provider

The Identity Provider Page is available under the Configuration Settings Module's Configuration Bar.
The Identity Provider Page is where a ConfigPortal specifies connection between ConfigPortal and the LDAP connection to the intended system's Active Directory, domain and group management. It is also from this Page that one is able to assign roles containing rights (defined by Vidispine) to existing groups.

However, it is important that ConfigPortal users are aware of the Vidispine model approach to assigning rights in order to do so correctly. ConfigPortal itself does not dictate or enable the possibility of defining a domain group within an Active Directory. This lies within purview of the customer's system administrator responsible for managing their Active Directory. Which users are members of which group or groups is specified by the system administrator for the Active Directory. ConfigPortal is able to assign roles, based on and defined by products, to preexisting groups for the connected domain. ConfigPortal does not assign roles to individual users.
The roles which can be assigned are defined by Arvato Systems. The definition of these roles is not configurable. As such, the system administrator for the domain must define the groups and members before ConfigPortal can assign rights affecting functionality in the system.

When using ConfigPortal in a VidiNet Context

When using ConfigPortal in a VidiNet context, VidiCore is the acting identity provider. An LDAP synchronization through this page is not possible.

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