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Staging Wizard Synchronization between Staging Environments

The Staging Page can be accessed via the ConfigPortal Settings Module, under the ConfigPortal Settings Page in the Configuration Bar.
Please note that this section is only intended for Arvato Systems engineers and users who have received Arvato Systems training.

Once users download a state of ConfigPortal's configurations locally from the Info Page, they can then upload into the central server via the Staging Page. It is important to know that configuration states are always downloaded to the local repository before they can be uploaded. When performing the upload, the Staging Wizard guides one through the process of upload and the synchronization of data from different Staging Environments. In essence, the purpose behind Staging is to have functional configurations as identical to each other as possible, across the different Staging Environments. The closer they are to each other in terms of function configuration, the more accurate the analysis for troubleshooting and errors becomes. However, certain values are particular to a Staging Environment. These include parameters such as IP addresses, hostnames, web service endpoints and are handled differently during the Staging process. This is where a comprehensive review of the concept and process of ConfigPortal's Staging comes in. It is highly recommended that users performing change of this nature become acquainted with key concepts and benefits, well before attempting to perform the Staging process themselves.

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