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Subclips are a concept well known from craft editing applications. Subclips have their own metadata set but no physical files behind them. Instead, they are pointing to a certain timecode range on another asset (called “master item” in Avid solutions).

The connection between the subclip item and the master item modelled via the following product metadata using the standard VidiCore timecode notation:

Metadata Field Name



Zero-based relative in-point for the item, e.g. 10@NTSC. If not present, the item is used from its beginning. The in-point is inclusive.


Duration of marked segment, e.g. 1240@PAL. If not present, the item is used until its end.


Boolean value set to true. This allows an easy detection of subclip items.


Item ID of the master items.

The relation between subclip item and master items is modelled as metadata field (instead of item-to-item relations) to make the master item ID and the subclip meaning of the item easily accessible in metadata mappings (e.g. to MediaPortal) and in VidiCore search operations.

When locks are applied to a subclip item the same lock needs to be applied to the master item. This ensures that the master item never is deleted while a subclip item still is pointing to it. If the lock on the subclip item is updated or deleted the same operation needs to be performed on the corresponding lock on the master item.

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