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Support of MediaPortal Collections

As mentioned in the previous section MediaPortal expects a workflow parameter input that must have the name "WorkflowObjects" to provide one or more assets as list to the workflow. The elements in the list will than have the following "properties" for each element:

  • ObjectID: Id of the asset (= Item ID in Vidispine)
  • Title
  • RenamedTitl
  • TimeCodeIn
  • TimeCodeOut
  • Timebase
  • TimeCodeInFramecount
  • TimeCodeOutFramecount
  • Duration
  • DurationFramecount

Whenever such a workflow is called on as single asset in MediaPortal's search result list, it will get a list with one element providing all of the above properties with their actual values.
If called on a collection, the workflow will get a list with as many elements as are available in the collection.
To access the elements, one must always use the Multi Instance mechanism to access the single element(s) and the values of the properties. This is also true if only one element is in the list.


In VidiFlow versions prior to 19.1 one had to use workflows that have at least one above properties as simple datatypes. E.g. ObjectId as String input parameter.
However this was only feasible for starting Send to workflows on single assets in the search result list.
Although VidiFlow supports this mapping for backward compatibility, one must only use the list parameter "WorkflowObjects" from now on in all Send to workflows for supporting workflows for both scenarios, single asset and collections.

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