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Task for Stitching Videos

The "Stitch Video" task enables stitching of several videos together. Particularly, this task can be used to stitch videos of the same format from a camera card or disc.
The Stitch Video task supports Collections and Items with attached Item Sequences as input for the list of videos meant to be stitched. The complete list of input parameters:

  • SourcePlatformUri: Specifies a Vidispine Collection containing all source Items, or an Item with a sequence of Items (Item Sequence).
  • SourceShapeTag: Each Item may have in a Collection or Item sequence may have several Shapes. This parameter specifies the source Shape that is meant to be used when stitching (e.g. "original", "__xdcamhd422_mxf")
  • TargetStoragePlatformUri: The target storage for the newly generated file.
  • TargetItemPlatformUri: The Item Id to which the new Shape will be attached. The Item has to exist - and potentially has to be created before - e.g. in the workflow. This Item may not have any Shapes, otherwise the task throws an interrupting boundary event.
  • TargetFileName: Users may choose to specify a file name for the created video. Otherwise it will get an automatically generated name.

Using MediaFramework, the task stiches all videos in a Collection with the Shape specified by the SourceShapeTag in their given order. The new video is written to TargetStoragePlatformUri and added as the original Shape to the specified Item (TargetItemPlatformUri). It is important to note that the original timecodes of each source video are persisted in the new Item.
The task supports the following boundary events:

Interrupting Boundary Events

  • "ItemHasShape": Thrown, if the Item already has a Shape.
  • "SourceVideosHaveDifferentFormats": Thrown, if source videos do not have an identical format.
  • "ShapeTagNotAvailable": Thrown, if at least one Item of the Collections does not have specified SourceShapeTag.
  • "StitchingFailed": Thrown, if stitching (in MediaFramework) has failed.

MediaFramework is used for stitching. This fact comes with some restrictions with regards to the source videos that can be stitched.
The Stitcher will only be able to stitch complete videos. It will not be possible to only use parts (IN and OUT points) of some videos. This function would be termed a "Fuser", not a Stitcher.
Currently, it can only handle lists of videos with identical formats (same codecs, same number of audio tracks).
The following source formats are currently supported:

  • MXF P2 OP-Atom (multi-file)
  • MXF OP1a (single-file)
  • MP4 files

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