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Task “Get Existing Partial Of Item”

This task can be used to check, if for a given timespan, a partial clip already exists for an item.
Input Parameters:

  • ItemPlatformUri: stringPlatform Uri of Parent Item
  • StartFrame: TimeCode
  • Duration: TimeCode
  • Optional: StorageUri: stringIf the storage Uri is provided, partial with shape-tag "origal" will be searched on the provided storage.

Checks if an item has at least one item attached (via partial-clip relationship) which exactly matches the provided StartFrame of the original parent video and duration.
If no exact match is found:
Checks if other partial items exist which have a "bigger range" - meaning the searched partial is partially included in existing partial.
If an exact match is available, this matching item is always returned, even if other items match with bigger range.
If no partial is found, the task fails with an Interrupting Boundary Event "PartialNotFound".

  • PartialItemUri: string PlatformUri of found matching partial
  • IsExactMatch: Bool
    • True, if an exact matching partial is found
    • False, otherwise
  • StartFrameInParentItem: StartFrame in original parent video
  • Duration: Duration of found Partial

Interrupting Boundary Events

  • "PartialNotFound":Triggered, if no matching (exact or bigger) partial is found

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