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UC Monitoring Workflows


SWAGGER References


Users are also able to monitor a workflow instance or all workflows instances executed in VidiFlow using dedicated calls (see below SWAGGER References). However, it is important to note that the calls differ in function.
The returned "State" of either call shows the status of the particular workflow instance.

  • Running: the workflow instance is currently being executed.

  • Completed: the workflow instance has been finished successfully. Under "data -> output parameters", one can see the final results of the workflow.

  • CompletedWithError: the workflow instance completed with an error. Under "data -> output parameters", one can see the final results of the workflow.

  • Incident: the workflow instance is stuck during execution.

  • Canceled: the workflow instance has been canceled by a user.

Please note that output parameters are visible throughout the entire execution showing their current values.

Instance History

This call is intended for use when one wishes to know the overall state of a specific workflow instance at the time the call is made.

Path Swagger Reference: Call History of a Dedicated Workflow Instance

GET /v1/Instances/{instanceId}/History

Instance Activity

This call allows to monitor the execution of specific activities in a workflow instance.

Path Swagger Reference: Call States of all Workflow Instances

GET /v1/Instances

Use this call if you are interested in the states of all workflow instances in VidiFlow. The call allows various filter criteria to narrow down the result set. You can query for workflow instances in the following manner:

  • Started in a specific timeframe,

  • Having a specific state,

  • Belonging to a dedicated workflow name

  • Tagged with specific metadata

This can be done with any combination of the above.
Please note that this call uses paging to limit the number of returned data. A maximum of 100 returned instances per call is possible.

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