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User, Role & Rights Management

This section of the document groups together several topics. These topics are listed below:

·       Becoming an Administrator

·       Users and Role Management via ConfigPortal

Becoming an Administrator

Upon initial installation and setup of VidiFlow, the intended system administrator group is defined under those groups available via the LDAP synchronization. The initial system administrator will possess the role to impart roles to other groups at their discretion and responsibility.

Users and Role Management via ConfigPortal

The approach to user management is anchored on the concept of active directory groups being synchronized and accessible through the LDAP connection process and the Authentication Service. While the groups and roles are recognized by the Authentication Service, it is entirely under the purview of the system administrator from the customer`s side to add or remove users to the group in the synchronized active directory.

The management of which groups are assigned to which roles is done entirely through ConfigPortal. Users and their assignment to groups however, are managed by the customer’s system administrator and in the context of customer’s system group directories.

As such, it is assumed that the customer’s system administrator has created the necessary groups and assigned the intended users to that group before a ConfigPortal user can begin assigning roles to different groups.

Please note that a role represents a collection of predefined rights. Which rights are included in the collection for a specific role is not configurable via ConfigPortal.

A thorough explanation on how roles are assigned and managed is explained Identity Provider .

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