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Another option within the range of External Interfaces is the possibility of integrating transcoding solutions. One of these transcoding solutions is Vantage.

Clicking on the "Show more details" button next to each web service will display a detailed view of each web service's configuration options.

Vantage Considerations

When adding or editing a Vantage web service, users should consider the following aspects:

  • What the endpoint URLs are for the web service.
  • Necessary credentials.

Additionally, users must specify the both the retry and timeout tolerance for the web service.

  • Retry Count: sets the maximum amount of retries performed for failed tasks.
  • Job Timeout: sets the maximum amount of time tolerance (in seconds) in which no status is returned from the Vantage API. If a status is not returned within that time limit, it will be considered as "failed".
  • Workflow Forward Timeout: sets the maximum of time (in seconds) in which a workflow is forwarded to Vantage and successfully received. If a workflow is not acknowledged within that time limit, it will be considered as "failed".

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