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Vidispine System Metadata

When viewing metadata listed in the Metadata Page, users will recognize a column labeled as "System". Metadata marked as system metadata are considered special as they are metadata defined by Vidispine. When evaluating system metadata several aspects must be considered:

  • The Vidispine name for system metadata is without the "V3_" prefix.
  • The deletion of system metadata is not allowed in ConfigPortal. As a result, the "Delete" button is not available for system metadata.
  • Editing system metadata will only be updated in the ConfigPortal repository and will not write into Vidispine. This behaviour also applies during the staging process, where system metadata is added to the staged environment but not overwritten in Vidispine.
  • System metadata is never an enum ype.

For synchronizing Vidispine system metadata please view the Vidispine Connection section.

Automatic Syncing of Cognitive Metadata to ConfigPortal


It is important to note that depending on the customer's context, cognitive services may be used. If this is the case, they will be automatically synchronized with ConfiPortal and can be identified by having the "adu_" prefix.
Please note that the mapping of these fields is automatic. The fields remain even after the cognitive service is no longer in use.
Please note that cognitive services are not managed in VidiFlow, but done so from VidiNet.

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