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VidiFlow Migration 23.2

Uninstalling the Kube Cleanup Operator

Removal by Script

The cleanup of media framework Kubernetes jobs is now done by the TTL-after-finished controller. For that reason, the kube-cleanup-operator is no longer deployed.
To remove the Kube Cleanup Operator in existing systems the following script can be used. Before running the script please check the values at the beginning of the script:

$namespace = "development"

$helmPath = ".\ExternalPackages\helm-v3.10.3.exe"

$kubeConfigPath = "C:\k8s\{namespace}.config"

and replace them accordingly.

Cleanup-Script: Deploy\Migration\23.2\UninstallKubeCleanupOperator.ps1


Manual Removal

You also can manually remove the Helm release of the kube-cleanup-operator i.e. using Lens.

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