Adobe Media Encoder Panel installation.

In order to install the AME Panel please follow this instructions:

  1. Execute the win-install bat as administrator 

  2. Adobe command line tool will install the AME Panel as Adobe Media Encoder Extension 

  3. Go to this folder (if this is not there, please create this folder): C:\ProgramData\arvatoSystems\AMEPanel 

  4. Create a config.json file 

  5. Put in this configuration:

  • Endpoint: the endpoint of the EditMate Server – same one for EditMatePPro Panel 

  • portNumber: this is obsolete, you can keep it at it is 

  • pollInterval: this is the interval of polling, you can keep the value as it is.


Configuration Example


  "endpoint": "https://editmate-server-dummy-endpoint/EditMate", 

  "portNumber": 8010, 

  "pollInterval": 5000 



The AME Panel starts automatically together with the Adobe MediaEncoder. After which one can login with an admin user which is configured in Vidispine.

The debug console of the AME Panel is available at localhost:10000.