The Processes module is where EditMate users are able to view a list of currently occurring processes in EditMate. These are references to processes that are interactions between Adobe Premiere, EditMate and the media repository where all the media assets and projects are stored online.

The Processes module can be opened from the Main Navigation Bar. Clicking on the "Bars" icon will open a smaller window as an overlay over any previously selected module. Users can at any time close the Processes module and return to the underlying module by either clicking on the "Bars" icon once, more or clicking on the "X" icon next to "Processes".
Each entry in the Processes module offers the title of the object in question (bold), a description of the process and a progress bar indicating the completion status of the process. Clicking on the "Abort" button will cancel the process. Aborting a process can only be done with the completion time window. Once a process has been completed, it can no longer be aborted. EditMate users must then use standard project and media management options.
It is important to note that should a task fail, an error message is provided and can be viewed by hovering over the failed process.


The Processes module displays both the progress and status for render tasks. These include render tasks that are done locally.