EditMate delivers a toolkit for managing and editing projects in a streamlined, intuitive and highly efficient manner – all from within Adobe® Premiere®. From project creation and collecting media, to the export and storage of edited material, users benefit from a series of features designed to simplify the spectrum of tasks involved in a modern, collaborative and cloud-connected editing environment.
Project creation made easy. With EditMate, projects, templates and initial metadata entries are all unified into a single process, ensuring consistent formatting and conventions are maintained.
With HD proxy editing, EditMate and Adobe Premiere remote users, with a low bandwidth connection and unable to directly access the central storage, can continue their routine workflows via proxy. And when it comes to rendering, EditMate renders the sequences into new clips centrally, along with all Adobe Premiere effects and elements, effectively streamlining the publishing process.

Key Features: EditMate

  • Runs on top of Vidispine VidiCore​

  • Support for collaborative editing with centralized project management.

  • Managing editing projects and media within Adobe Premiere Pro client​.

  • (HD)Proxy editing on streams enables "work from anywhere"​ (requires StreamingService).

  • Complete end-to-end workflow support - from ingest to publishing.

  • Works on Windows and Mac clients.

EditMate Media

  • Find, import, and protect media (videos, audio and images) and metadata directly from the Adobe Premiere Pro interface​.

  • "Publish", activate centralized rendering, and  "Send to", among other media processes & workflows​.

  • Monitor processes directly from within the Panel.

  • Find and import collections managed in VidiCore (created in Web UI or MediaPortal).

EditMate Project

  • Predefined project templates and presets​.

  • Automatically import regularly used files with template selection.

  • "Check-In" unmanaged projects to a fully managed EditMate project.

  • Automate housekeeping for all used objects within each project.

File-Based Proxy

  • Attach proxy to the Premiere video using direct file access.

EditMate Streaming Proxy (require StreamingService and FileImporter PlugIn on client side)

  • Work from anywhere without losing full client functionality with advanced Full HD proxy streaming.

  • Work from anywhere with the full Adobe client experience​.

  • Avoid copying large files over slow connections with server-based rendering.

  • ​Unique proxy streaming and editing optimized for different bandwidths​.

EditMate with VidiFlow

  • Full integration with Vidispine VidiFlow.

  • Allows users to create and edit configuration settings to better suit their system.

  • Trigger VidiFlow workflows as "Send to" when publishing.

  • Trigger VidiFlow workflow when creating a project.

  • Trigger VidiFlow workflow during ingest.

  • Partial restore during editing.

  • VidiFlow option comes with ConfigPortal and more options to configure EditMate.

  • VidiFlow option supports login via AuthService, which covers domain-based login and AD integration.

EditMate and VidiEditor

  • EditMate can open VidiEdior projects and transform this into an Premiere Pro project when opening the project.