The following section assumes that EditMate uses VidiFlow as its context system. It requires that the EditMate Client access method be used for storage configuration meant for EditMate Panel. In particular, the Publish and EPR storages in ConfigPortal should be configured using this method. If the EditMate Client access method is not used for the configuration of these storages, EditMate will not be able to access them.

This usually means the Publish and EPR storages should use the access method, but depending on contextual needs, the Project storage may also be required to use this method.

Storage Configuration Step-by-Step

  1. Open ConfigPortal and select the “Global Configuration" and “Storages” option in the navigation panel.

  2. Once the Page is prompted, select and click on the “Add Storage” button.

  3. Enter the storage name and then add an access method:

4. Enter the access method configurations. Since EditMate’s Publish storage is being configured, the "EditMate Client" method should be used. Proceed by adding the right hostname and directory:

5. By choosing the EditMate Client access method, the URI will always start with file://.  

6. Follow the same procedure for the EPR storage.

7. Once both the Publish and EPR storages have been configured in the Global Configuration Storage Page, one can proceed to designate these storages in the Publish Configuration Page.

8. Depending on the context in which system is used, circumstance may require that the Project storage be configured following the same procedure.

9. Ensure that Publish and EPR storages, and if necessary the Project storage, are all using the EditMate Client access method.