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Adobe Premiere Integration [H PO]

An integration with Adobe Premiere by Vidispine could be done in different ways like shown below: so either using MediaPortal Panel only or Helmut only or the combination of both products for the deepest and most flexible integration.

  1. Using MediaPortal Panel (only):
    Vidispine’s MediaPortal Panel runs as extension inside Adobe Premiere to easily access all assets and collections from the VidiCore repository. Premiere users can also directly import to or publish from Adobe Premiere to VidiCore (with or without VidiFlow) using the MediaPortal Panel. 
    If customers do not require project management, they can benefit from the MediaPortal Panel without Helmut since the Panel provides main functionalities to import, export assets and sequences between the editing suite and VidiNet.

  2. Using Helmut (only):
    Helmut offers, in addition to the MediaPortal Panel, project -, template - and render queue management for Adobe. Helmut works in the background and allows search and administration processes of Premiere project files. It also provides a visible Helmut Adobe Panel for users to import, export or monitor processes. Additionally, Helmut supports editors with a customizable interface and personal settings for the editing program. As a result, users can concentrate on their actual work. 

  3. Combining (1) and (2) for the best and most flexible project management for Adobe with Vidispine’s MAM. Vidispine products and Helmut have been tightly knit to each other thanks to the use of their respective APIs. All changes are synched between the products so that these are expressed as a seamless solution. Because of the API based integration and configuration options of both systems, customers have the flexibility to create their own configurations and workflows to adapt to individual requirements.

Adobe Premiere Pro with MediaPortal and Helmut Panel

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