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What is Helmut? [H PO]

Helmut from MoovIT Software Products is our preferred solution for project management of Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects.

Helmut offers project -, template - and render queue management for Adobe Premiere Pro. It works in the background to organize search and administration processes of Premiere project files and also provides a visible Adobe Panel for users to import, export assets or monitor processes.  

Helmut can manage Adobe projects without any Vidispine integration as well as in an integrated architecture, where Helmut interacts with the Vidispine repository.

A Helmut installation always consists of the the Helmut server components and the individual Helmut clients that connect to the server via an application from each workstation.  

Each Helmut installation by Vidispine contains the following server components that work in the background and provide certain functions to the Helmut client: 

  • Helmut FX (Project Management) organizes search and administration processes of Adobe project files 

  • Helmut IO (Render Farm Control) controls import and export operations of audio and video files as well as Premiere Pro sequences and After Effects compositions 

  • Helmut Cosmo (Database) a database in which all relevant information about projects existing in HelmutFX are stored 

  • Helmut HK (Housekeeping) allows the user to archive, delete, create backup, or consolidate projects in a controlled manner. Both manually and via timed tasks. 


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