The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.

Release 22.1

Breaking Changes

By introducing the timeline component in MediaLogger the different components of the UI are positioned now a bit differently, e.g. Keyframes are now shown as a keyframe carpet below the Player. A splitter control to adjust timeline heigt as well as player and event list dimensions.

Dependencies and Components

Dependencies with Products and Services








Google Chrome



Timeline View

The timeline component shows the user in a timeline view where the events in their video are located and allow them to easily jump to an event IN point. For more information see Timeline [ML UG]

Responsive Player with Menu

The responsiveness of the player has been improved so that whenever the screen resolution or space does not allow showing all of the player’s controls, a “show more…” menu appears that includes all these hidden controls.

Log Report Download

In order to facilitate the way in which problems are reported and the relevant information is collected, users can now download an error log report. MediaLogger offers a comfortable way of exporting troubleshooting information as download which can be attached to support tickets for a comprehensive analysis of the problem. For more information see Report a problem [ML UG]

User Settings

MediaLogger now provides a user with the settings dialog. This is where users can currently configure if the player shall continue playing or should stop after a new event is being created. In this way, users can adjust the playmode to their preference for logging. For more information see User Settings [ML UG]

Playback of single and multiple audio tracks

Depending on the system configuration, users may select single or multiple audio tracks for playback. For more information see Player [ML UG]

Ordering of Event lists

It is now possible to configure the order of the event list types in the event list dropdown and the timeline. This system wide configuration is done in ConfigPortal using the order number configuration.



Support Boolean fields


Growing File support


Shortcuts: enter should commit and close edit mode