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Key Concepts


MediaLogger is focussed on fast annotation and logging of content. Therefore MediaLogger provides hotkeys for every function and creates an event already when an IN-point is set. The OUT-point will be set automatically and can be adjusted manually later if needed.

Different Event Lists

Users can see and edit multiple event lists for one asset if needed. Why so? Each asset may have different event lists depending for the purpose of the logging. E.g. one event list describes the content of the video and another event list contains markers to content rights and usage restrictions. Users first select the appropriate event list type from a dropdown in MediaLogger and thereupon start logging.


The event list metadata fields are defined by an administrator in the ConfigPortal. Administrators not only define the metadata fields but also their appearance (e.g. tag-format) as well as define if fields are mandatory.

Overlapping Events

Users are free to create multiple events at the same timecode.

Only when running with the worker-based-VPMS, will MediaLogger prevent overlapping events. In which case, MediaLogger shows a user message if the user wants to set an event at the same timecode when there is already another event.

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