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MediaPortal 22.1 Release Notes [MP RN]

The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release. 

Release 22.1

Update on Timed Metadata Editing

Timed metadata editing has been updated, allowing one to arrange more metadata and formatting options. It also takes the same input verification methods into account as those used for the general metadata dialog.

Auto Updates

With this new feature, it is now possible to receive an automatic refresh of the search results. When turned on it, will take the current search into account automatically update it. If the toggle button is turned off, it will show a little notification and counter on new content which has been created.

Pin To DropZone

Select a collection and pin it to the dropzone. This allows for additional operations for collections on the fly.

  •  Drag content from the search results into existing collections

  • Re-arrange their order within collections

  • Create sub-collections


Choose between VidiFlow and VidiCore workflows

Administrators in ConfigPortal can now utilize VidiCore Jobs for distribution, transcoding, sharing or upload.


Set Representative Thumbnail on Collections

Select one or multiple thumbnails as representation for a collections. The thumbnails are based on posters of items which belong to the collection.

Custom Icons

Upload custom icons which represent values of dropdowns in the Results view. This can be used display different media status or access rights.

Alternative Thumbnail on Results

It is possible to upload custom thumbnails for items or collections. An administrator can differentiate between an item-type, collection-type or a category metadata field.


Responsive Design

Use MediaPortal on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. It can also be used as a plugin in external applications. The views will automatically adjust to the size of the screen.


Updated Player Design

The new release comes with an update on responsive design for player controls and adjusted buttons.


Dependencies and Components

Dependencies with Products and Services



22.1 / 21.4


 22.1 / 21.4


22.1 / 21.4





Bookmarks cannot be applied anymore


Subtitle is automatically displayed without selection


Remove from collection is greyed out


Workflow Domain Group Assignments not working


Take duration on growing files from Player/Streaming Server


Default OUT point not on player timelines end


Behaviour of preview panel when resized to max on laptop screen


Bulk Metadata Editing on Collections shows error message


Upload Dialog dropdowns have no order


No Workflow Triggered on Collection on Collection Upload


External apps navigation incorrect behavior


Hover scrub displayed only on the first item on each row


App Crashes if you open collection which contains items the user has not access to


Responsiveness did break - Filter area consumes white space when it is reduced


IN&OUT Markers from Player are not handen over to MFT Workflow


SPACE on Player opens drop down of Segments


TimeCode on 59.59 when sending from Player to WF is 4 Frames off 


Removing relation send API Call that does not exist

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