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MediaPortal Release Notes [MP RN]

.The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.


Release 22.2.2

Breaking Changes

Updating to MediaPortal Release 22.2 requires that one use ConfigPortal Release 22.1 as minimum. This is because new controls have been introduced which do not exists on ConfigPortal versions prior to 22.1. The result item configuration has to be adjusted slightly in order display existing configurations correctly. We recommend that our Vidispine engineering team assist if necessary..

Dependencies and Components




>= 22.1


>= 21.4


>= 22.1


Organize Saved Searches in Folder-Tree

Save, organize, and access searches in a folder tree structure. The user can perform a search and save this along with the filters. Clicking on the saved search reloads.

For more details, please refer to the How do I search for something? [MP UG] | Structure-Saved-Searches-in-Folders page.




Table View Editing

MediaPortal now allows one to edit entries directly in the Table view. The user can click on a particular field and click the edit button to change the entry.

For more details, please refer to the Table View [MP UG] | Table-View-Editing page.



Date-Range Filter

The control of the date-range filter for the filters has been updated, allowing for a quicker selection of date/time range.



Mandatory Fields

When a user tries to close a metadata dialog it will now always show the option to save, also when not all mandatory fields are filled. A red mark around the missing or incorrect mandatory fields is shown. Any further editing of the metadata requires that the mandatory fields values be filled in order to save/close the dialog.

Extended Options on Result View 

  • Custom Label

    • Set in ConfigPortal new labels on Grid, Card or Table views.

    • One can also choose not to display a label.

  • Font Size / Bold

    • Adjust the font size of text and e.g. highlight certain texts.

  • Custom Icon

    • Upload custom svg. representing dropdown values in the results. E.g. add custom images for sport teams, cities of recording status.

For more details, please refer to the Result View Layout in MediaPortal [MP OG] | Table-Views page.


MediaPortal in Premiere

 The MediaPortal can be run as extension within Adobe Premiere Pro. In Version 22.2, the the following features are covered:

  • Import Items and Collection from the Search

  • Import Partials from the Proxy Player or Collections

  • Import Special Item Type of Camera Card with Corresponding Structure

  • Render and Publish a Premiere Timeline as New Item into Vidispine





MediaPortal expects a value for MetadataCatagory


Open Player in OpenMedia somes does not load proxy randomly


Add High Contrast on Region selection


After user deletes item it can be opened through browser history


Booleans crash UI un upload dialog


mediaType in Upload Dialog - extension case sensitive


Trigger Image Grabber based on Technial Name - Not Label


MFT not limited properly in different environment


DetailsPage crashing after update 


Adjust Size of Icon in results depending on font-size


Jobs are shown independently from config turned off


White on White Secret Ink for the User on Bookmarks


Black on Darkblue Buttons hard to distinguish 


Mouse Overdescription on Next/Previous Frame not correct


RegExPattern on allows more Characters than defined


Crash on Item without ContainerComponent on Shape


Remove delay from Context Menu Item load


When Search Results re-scale the selected object can leave the focus


Bluecolor of selection and hoover over can be confusing


TB60DF Partials inaccurate in dropzone


TB60DF Partials show strang duration in SendTo

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