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Event Search Configuration [MP OG]

Configuring the Event Search works slightly different from the General Search. It requires the administrator to configure, upfront, in which metadata fields the search should be performed. After which, the administrator is required to define how these are displayed. It necessary to differentiate the display of the metadata on event (1) and item (2) level.

Event To Search

In this area, the administrator configures the fields the event search is performed on. This can be timed and non-timed metadata. Select the metadata values from the ones which have been already configured ConfigPortal.

Item Metadata

Conduct the layout of the item area (2 - see above) with the Metadata View Builder. Those fields will be displayed generally for items.


  • Define which metadata groups are displayed along with the item information. Each group will be shown as separate lane below the item

  • Utilize the Metadata View Builder to conduct the display and order of metadata fields

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