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Introduction to MediaPortal [MP UG]

Vidispine MediaPortal is a web interface for accessing all your media and non-media files managed by Vidispine as well as providing functionalities to collect and process this content within a single search logic and intuitive design. It facilitates your workflows for upload, housekeeping, editing projects and distribution of content. As a highly integrated part of the Vidispine product portfolio, you can easily tailor the application via convenient configuration interface to cover your particular needs when it comes to production workflows, media supply chain and collaborative work.

Search, Find and Browse

  • Reduce cost and effort via intuitive search, ingest and distribution of content at your fingertips

  • Supporting keyword and dynamic filter features, allows one to both quickly and accurately perform otherwise complex searches.

  • Journalistic collaboration tools: Comprehensive folder and collection management system enable one to effortlessly search, organize and share media.


  • Conveniently collect what you have found

  • Save and share your queries

  • Annotate your content with events or comments


  • Deliver and monetize existing and new content assets.

  • Intelligently trigger workflows in VidiFlow, not only directly at the search result level, but also at a collection level.


  • Access different formats on your assets

  • Get insights to technical parameters of your assets

  • Manage Housekeeping via Deletion Locks and Retention Times

  • Cover Access Rights and make sure, the users have access to the content they need


  • Conduct and share complexes searches with other users or groups

  • Manage your content via folders and collections


  • Easily integrate via modern architecture and configuration functionalities

  • Convenient integration to VidiSpine ConfigPortal

  • Adjust the configuration on the fly without any development involved

  • Powerful administrate tools for continuous operations

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