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Upload [MP OG]


This configuration allows to define under which conditions an upload is performed. An administrator can define to which storage the file will be uploaded first, which workflow is triggered and which metadata can be assigned by the user.

Target Storage: Select one of the previously configured storages as the destination for the upload.

Workflow triggered on file upload: Select previously configured VidiFlow workflow which is triggered on the uploading file.

Metadata: Define in the Metadata View Builder which metadata the user can insert. It is possible to define via the context menu which metadata is mandatory or if rules for input apply by a RegEx pattern. Also, default values can be defined.

The layout defined under general servers as default view if new other upload form has been defined.

Upload Forms

Differentiate forms for different media types, categories and user groups. Depending on this criteria, the metadata form and workflow will differ.

Name: Defines display in ConfigPortal.

Media Type: Differentiate views for different media types.

Category: Differentiate views for different Category Metadata.

User Group: Differentiate view for existing user groups.

Workflow triggered on file upload: Select a pre-defined workflow which is triggered based on the criteria. Different workflows for image and video are for example possible with this.

Mask Control: Define metadata to display.

Trigger Workflow In Upload New Collection

When performing an upload into a collection it is possible to trigger an additional VidiFlow workflow that runs based on the Collection ID after all items have been successfully uploaded.

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