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Event Search

MediaPortal’s Event View extends the results with a display of particular events matching the search criteria.

The Event View can be selected on the view selector (1) and provides a range of information as expressed in the example below (2).

Additional selectable elements can be seen below the metadata. Each of these elements (3) are individual events. One can also navigate through the elements via scrolling or the ‘next’ button (4). A differentiation as which events are displayed can be done via the filter (5).

As shown in the image below, if a user wants to view a particular event, they can do so by clicking on it (1) and have it prompted in the Preview Panel (2). Naturally, the player in the Preview Panel will jump to the IN position for the event in the video asset’s timeline.

As shown below (1,2,3), users can also combine the Event Search with Filters, Extended / Advanced Search approaches. This allows one to further narrow down relevant the results.

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