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Filters in MediaPortal


This page allows one to perform the general configuration for filters.

  • Enable or disable the workspace option

  • Define if workspaces should be listed (for all users) above or below the filter

  • Is the global definition of filter value sorting either alphabetically or by amount

  • The user can adjust the sorting on their own

  • Filter card handling: Disabled → Only one filter open at a time, Enabled → Multiple open filter cards

  • Show pre-defined date field values - Will show on every Date field the option to select a fixed time frame:

  • User defined sorting - allows the users to change sorting on filters manually

  • Disable/Enable saved searches: Shows the saved searches in folder feature

  • Saved searches position: Defines if the saved searches a shown above/below other filters

  • Automatically extend saved searches: Have the area with saved searches automatically extended

Define metadata values which are listed as filters.

Note: In order to display items and collections under MediaType, add both values to the filter.

All item/collection related metadata can be picked for the filter.

Depending Filters

Set relations between values from a specific metadata field and open corresponding metadata field on filters.

Left: Source metadata and values that opens another filter card

Right: Target metadata card which is visible once a corresponding value on source has been selected


I want to open the duration filter when video is selected on mediaType

1: Open Control, Search for metadata mediaType and add to the left bag

2: Open Detailed Configuration on the context menu button '…'

3: Select value from drop down which a user can select and should open a new Filter Card

4: Select metadata which should be opened to the right bag

Hint: For adding additional Value - Field relations add multiple entries. E.g. Open Duration and Keywords if the user enables video. Create config relation for Mediatype video → Duration & Mediatype video → keywords

Be aware, that not all configurable controls options in this control have an effect on the Filter relation.

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