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Introducing MediaPortal

MediaPortal is Vidispine’s solution for media discovery and collaboration, geared towards providing editors, journalists, and content creators with the tools they need to tell their stories.

As a centralized, web-based and unified approach to accessing all of their Vidispine managed media and non-media files, MediaPortal comprehensive set of functional features, support teams in how searching and find relevant material with the aid an advanced search logic and intuitive design - reducing otherwise complex searches to simple ones.

By streamlining production workflow aspects, such as uploading new assets into your system, evaluating and updating metadata, determining permissions, defining housekeeping, aiding editing projects, and content distribution, teams are given the opportunity to focus more on collaboration and adding value to your media.

MediaPortal also enjoys the benefit of being fully integrated part of the Vidispine product portfolio making it highly flexible and easily configurable. With Vidispine’s central configuration hub, administrators are able to comfortably tailor configuration aspects on the fly.

Search & Collaboration

  • A streamlined and intuitive search logic supporting keywords and dynamic filters allow for one to accurately perform otherwise complex searches.

  • Employ the collection management system group, organize, and share media.

  • Find relevant content and share it with your teams with collections.

  • Curate your content by specifying events and commenting with time-based annotations.

  • Define and share search queries with individuals or groups.

  • Share assets with individuals outside of your organization for external review processes.

  • Manage complex media files, such as editing projects or camera card files.


  • Workflow engine agnostic: Trigger VidiCore and VidiFlow workflows at both the search result and or collection level.

  • Enjoy the benefit being able to integrate with broad range of 3rd party AI, analytic and processing services.

  • News Room Computer System integration.

  • MediaPortal can be hosted as a extension panel for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Media Management

  • Easily access any of your asset’s available formats and technical parameters.

  • Manage housekeeping deletion locks through collections.

  • Determine which users and groups get view or control assets and collections.

  • Growing file support.

Fully integrated with Vidispine’s central configuration hub - ConfigPortal.

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