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MediaPortal Release Notes

The following items on the list encompass breaking changes, features, and fixes that are relevant for the major release.


Release 23.2.4

Breaking Changes

The filter function requires an update of the filter UseCase Definition with the GUID 732eba29-de1c-42fa-8316-511705b256c8 to the control function of ‘searchFilterVersion2’. If this is not installed via Prepared Pipeline the Filter will stay empty.
This might require some manual interaction with the deployment for Non-VidiNet Saas Installations. Please check with the MediaPortal Team if and what steps are necessary.


Compound Metadata

One can now create multiple entries of the same metadata group via a table view in the MetadataEdit dialog. For more details please see the Details View Compound Metadata and Edit Metadata Layout Compound Metadata .

Active Filter Position

There is now an alternative view for positioning active filters. This can be changed via configuration where the search criteria is set. This can be on top of the filters or the search results. For more details please see Filter Positioning Active Filters .

PDF Feature Update

The PDF functionality has been updated to have a quicker loading time of PDF preview via thumbnails and a quick link to the PDF document for read and display.

Adobe Premiere Panel

Import of Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRT)

One can now import Adobe Motion Graphic Templates (such as animated lower thirds) which are managed in VidiCore directly into the project sequence.

Automatic Synchronization and Consistency Check of Premiere Projects

When running the MediaPortal panel with EditMate Project Management (legacy) it is now possible to automatically synch the VidiCore project collection with the Premiere Project as cron job. Additionally, there is an option to trigger this manually. For more details, please see MediaPortal Panel Project Consistency Check .

Configuration Features
  • Add subgroups for various configurations:

    • Results

    • EditMetadata Dialog

  • Extended filter functions:

    • Custom Label

    • Define if filter field should only be used for the event search.


Item #



Saved Bookmarks seen by all other users automatically


Fix Advanced Event Search


INT or Float Crash Event View


Checke Deletion Function


Align on Formatting for Premiere Integration - Mac vs Win


Difference between TC duration and IN/OUT duration


TC Offset in EventView not shown


Re-scale of Preview Panel fails after initial load of the application


Resultview for Items runs out of order when filter is used


MetadataEditingDialog adds empty spaces to Values (3094)


Subcollection shows the same MatadataDialog


Users are allowed to edit metadata in the "Metadata" tab in the GUI that they are NOT authorized to edit


MP -PlugIn (NRCS-Client) stream issue


Click to open event in from Result Preview does not work


Integer shown as datetime in search history 


VE Import to Premiere missing framerates


Extended Search is shown in parallel on Filter and on Drop Down dialog


If item is referenced multiple times to collection, removal of single entry will remove all references


Exports and uploads in Panel do not get the material title


Metadata is not inherited from Project to Publish dialog - The 'Inherit from Project' is ignored


Investigation: EventDate not displayed


Metadata inheritance in MediaPortal Premiere Ingest is missing and "Bulk editing" no longer works


Publish workflow can be started multiple times by quickly clicking Create multiple times


Irregularities in timecode format in MP

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