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Knowledge Base Changes with 22.3

With release 22.3, the knowledge base will experience an improvement when it comes to sharing or bookmarking links to pages existing within the KB.

Prior to 22.3, all URLs included a specific version segment. As result, the URL always pointed to a specific version of a page. Over time, newer versions of our documentation will be published while readers would still be referencing older, outdated information.

To avoid this problem, 22.3 and all subsequent latest versions will feature latest as their version segment within the URL.

In a nutshell: As of 22.3, any link a reader decides to bookmark or share, will point to the latest version of the documentation.

Readers can, just like before, make use of the version dropdown on a page. This allows them to jump to a specific version of the documentation if need be.

Certain structural changes may cause certain links to break. These occurrences are rare in nature. If a link is broken we recommend entering the page title segment of the URL to find its new location in the KB.

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