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Knowledge Base Changes with 22.2

New Knowledge Base 22.2

With our 22.2 release, Vidispine has changed the manner in which we present our knowledge base content. This also implies that there are structural changes into how certain content is grouped and organized. Additionally, a variety search functions now improve the way readers can find relevant content.

Grouping Content as of 22.2

Cross cutting topics are now considered Global and are available in the Global section of the knowledge base. Topics included in this section range from operational, global configuration and management to architecture and integration. System administrators will find these topics to be particularly relevant to them.

Each product now has its own section in the knowledge base. With each section hosting the different document types one is accustomed to: Release Notes, User Guides, and product-specific Operation Guides.

We also understand that the development and integration of solutions using our API requires a more holistic approach to how the content is presented. Integration Guides and a catalogue proving a more use case approach to how API resources are used are now anchored to a Global Integration Guide that can be found in the Global section of the knowledge base.

Search and Finding Content as of 22.2

Readers can now benefit from filters based on group (each group also being a tile on the knowledge base’s landing page). This makes it easier to navigate through search results and how these related to different products in the knowledge base.

Additionally, readers can visibly see which version of the documentation they are viewing at all times via the version selector.

Content Prior to 22.2

All 22.1 documentation will also be reachable through the current knowledge base. It is important to note that 22.1 content will still be under the 22.2 groups, with the Enterprise topics now being visible under the Global section of the knowledge base.

Documentation prior to and including 22.1 will also be made available through a our public Confluence space: Customer Knowledge Base (CKB). While this older knowledge base will remain will be accessible under its dedicated page under General Topics, the pages and content contained in this knowledge base will no longer be updated after 22.2. We urge customers to make use of the new knowledge base going forward.

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