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Themes on VidiNet

Welcome to the Themes on the VidiNet section of the knowledge base.

What are Themes?

Themes help customers and users understand the potential VidiNet has to offer.

While not a ready solution or product, each theme acts as springboard with which one can easily build solutions together with Vidispine. These prototypes come with services and UIs (with VDT components) as well as any 3rd party integrated on VidiNet.

Their deployment is extremely simple and well documented. Users can refer to the documentation listed under the Themes section of the VidiCore Documentation.

The following section of the knowledge base contains the topics relevant to VidiCore Themes built using VDT.

What to take into account when using Themes

Because Themes are prototypes, these require further changes to be used productively. These changes may include further configuration, integration with 3rd parties, and UI development.

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