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Introducing VidiControl [VCon UG]

There is no media and production management without media ingest. VidiControl, Vidispine’s ingest solution, has been engineered to consider a wide array of sources as well as what, when and how to ingest their media in an orderly, and accurate manner. As a fully automated web-based planning ingest tool, VidiControl is tasked with handling the import of multiple video streams/feeds from a multitude of sources into your VidiCore.

Possessing a comprehensive, but equally streamlined interface, VidiControl offers operators a means to comfortably create and maintain recordings and to manage recording ports without unnecessary distractions. Along VidiControl’s timeline one can easily insert, extend, trim, and reposition recordings and their assigned ports.

Thanks to the structured messaging approach, operators can be kept up-to-date on individual recordings - with any related recordings made quickly identifiable as well. Specifying devices and adding metadata to a recording and all of its related recordings can be done from a single window, greatly reducing the effort needed to maintain a running time-sensitive timelines.

VidiControl’s complete integration with VidiCore, allows for 3rd party systems to benefit from VidiCore notifications to keep themselves informed about changes taking place in VidiControl. Its system connectivity is founded on REST APIs resources, based on a common versioning and parameter/response logic, that make it possible for 3rd party systems to consume these APIs for a variety purposes.

Synergizing Together with VidiCore and VidiFlow

  • VidiControl is format independent, works with SD or HD in all frame rates.

  • Parallel generation of LoRes videos can be triggered with a backend module such as VidiFlow.

  • Assign VidiFlow designed workflows to recordings.

  • VidiControl supports the access and process growing files while recording (‘Edit-while-recording’).

  • VidiControl is able to control EVS and GrassValley sQ 1200 video servers, further video servers will be supported in near future.

  • Integration through VidiCore allows for 3rd party systems to receive VidiCore notifications.

  • Timeline color-coded indicators for easier status identification.

  • Offers a dedicated configuration interface.

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